Photographer Michel Bosch

“From the heart to the heart. Surprising, risky” ★★★★★ Daily Starfish

The Patchwork Odyssey

A group of actors and a cellist attempt to reawaken the spirit of The Odyssey using only what they can remember by reading the books. Although, to be honest, they did prepare some songs and poems to back them up. To add to the fun, there are some rules: 

− The show is cast in front of the audience.

− Performers must incorporate all kinds of surprising tasks. For example Sing the Book or Tell a Personal Memory. 

− The cellist can interrupt any time with a song or noise that the actors must incorporate into the play. 

This way the players are forced to recreate the story afresh night after night. Creating unique angles, surprising choices and, sometimes, impossible problems. Like Odysseus, the actors must rescue themselves and bring the story home.

Join the greatest story of all time and watch the actors sink or swim. 

Performers:  Jurre Schreuder, Marijn Moerman, Liesbeth Rood, Marike op den Akker, Jur de Vries, Thomas Boer. 

Music: James Oxley

Our artistic collaborators:  Wiebe Gotink, Jetta Starreveld, Roel Swanenberg, Karst-Janneke Rogaar,  Bryan Reynolds, Guy Zimmerman, Jeroen Kriek, Shira Wolfe

Special thanks to Tim Carroll for inspiring the idea.

This project is supported by the AFK, VSB, Voor de Kunst, COCO-MAT.